What Is The Cincinnati Region Hacking Homelessness?

What Is The Cincinnati Region Hacking Homelessness?

By Michael Barnes

The Cincinnati Region Hacking Homelessness is a Vision. It is a Vision of a Cincinnati Region where everyone has a safe place to reside. That’s the bottom line.

We all know it’s great to have a Vision. Then the question becomes, “How do we make that Vision a reality?”

There are many people already working to address homelessness in the Cincinnati region. Far too many to list here. Just a short list off the top of my head are:

With all these and dozens of other groups working on the problem of homelessness, why do we still have people “on the streets”?

We believe the problem remains because we need new and innovative ideas. We need EVERYONE at the table to find the best solutions for our entire community. We need everyone at the table to use all of our skills and experience to find solutions that have never been tried before.

That is the purpose of The Cincinnati Region Hacking Homelessness. To gather the wisdom of the ENTIRE community, to come up with new and innovative ideas to tackle homelessness, and then to work as a community to implement these ideas.

To make this change happen, we are hosting an event on June 6 and 7. Some call it a workshop, others call it a summit, others call it a think tank. Whatever you want to call it, we are looking to get 100 people of Good Will together. We are looking for people to put aside their own self-interests and look for new ideas to impact homelessness. We are looking for people who want to reduce homelessness more than they want their own personal glory.

Are you one of these elite few?

If so, checkout our website for more information on this weekend event. Or our Facebook page or group.

Or you can get your tickets here and we’ll start the process of helping the homeless in Cincinnati NOW.

Look for more information and details about the event that will be coming out soon.