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Join Us

Are you interested in helping address issues of homelessness? If so, we'd love to speak and see how you can fit into this movement.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those looking to identify and implement solutions.
  • Positive individuals looking to collaborate and learn from other attendees.
  • Any skill set, any background, any knowledge. We want a broad coalition covering all sections of Cincinnati. We are seeking solutions from the “wisdom of the community.”

Who Should Not Attend?

  • Those looking for someone to blame. While there may be blame to go around, focusing on blame does not lead to solutions.
  • Those who believe they already know the solution to homelessness. You may actually have the solution, but this is a gathering of those willing to consider a variety of solutions to find the best one/s to pursue.
  • Those looking to divide us. This group is dedicated to working TOGETHER to benefit us all. Divisiveness will not allow us to achieve this goal.

How Can Your Participate?

1. Volunteer for our Organizing Committee.

2. Participate in the event.

3. Sponsor the event.

4. Join the mailing list

5. Anything else!

Are you ready to get involved? Do you have more questions? Either way, reach out. Schedule a call or submit your information and we’ll get back to you.

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