Many people ask, "How Can I help?"

We’ll be updating this page with ideas how you, too, can help us with our effort to find innovative solutions to homelessness.

  1. Attend the event! We are looking for 100 caring and innovative people who want to help find a better way forward. Grab your tickets here.
  2. Help us spread the word.
    • Tell people about this website.
    • Join us on social media: FB group, FB page.
    • Sign up for our newsletter.
  3. Volunteer to help our “15, 1% solutions” become a reality.
    • We need champions to take these ideas and move them forward.
    • We will need service providers ready and willing to help make these a reality. Donation of services are needed. If you can’t afford that, let us know and we’ll see what we can work out.
  4. We are having round-tables and educational sessions to provide value to attendees: those with lived-experience, nonprofit professionals, government officials, and business people. Do you have a skill that is relevant and want to share your expertise? If so, contact us.
  5. Obviously we’re looking for businesses and individuals who want to fund this effort. Check out our sponsorship packages here.